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Find all the support documentation, user guides, articles, and more for many of the Xplore accessories. Choose your Xplore tablet series in the tabs above.

Download Accessory Drivers and Software

XSLATE Companion Keyboard (B10, D10, Bobcat)
XSLATE R12 Companion Keyboard

XSLATE Companion Keyboard Software (R12, B10, Bobcat) (Windows 10, 8.1 and 7)

TPPause v1.00.1027 

xLockOff v1.2.1.6


R12 Docking Station Driver

R12-Series Docking Station FW Update 1.52
Updated firmware for the R12 dock to support XSLATE R12 external video (zip, 3 MB)

J lockingmobiledock.jpg

RAM Locking Mobile Docks
J-Series and CL-Series - NIC Software Driver and Serial Port software driver


Port Replicator
CL-Series - Port Replicator software driver

CLseries USB Ethernet.jpg

USB to Ethernet Adapter
CL-Series - USB to Ethernet Adapter software driver

C5f5 mobiledockwithkeylock.jpg

Blank-it Software (Mobile Dock with Key Lock)
CL-Series, C5-Series and F5-Series - Drivers for "blank-it" software that runs on CL/C5/F5-Series Tablet PCs using the Mobile Dock with Key Lock Vehicle Mount (blanks screen when car is in motion). Also, download the Blank-It Set-Up Guide.
Download Drivers
Download Set-Up Guide

Xplore iXC-Series Accessories


Blank-It In-Vehicle Software:

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Xplore Motion C5 and F5 EasyConnect RFID Long Range Reader:

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